Instructions for use Exodermin

Cream for all types of mushrooms has an extensive list of applications. Available in a convenient bottle, the cream is easily applied to the skin.

How to use Exodermin

To achieve the effect and maintain your health, you must first learn how to use Exodermin cream according to the instructions.

Before use, you should clean the damaged skin as much as possible with a disinfectant. Apply Exodermin cream extensively at least 2 times a day. For example, if you have a damaged nail, you should apply the cream on the adjacent areas around the nail and on the adjacent nails.

Treatment should be continued for at least 2 weeks until all symptoms have disappeared. If necessary, you can continue treatment for up to 4 months.

Indications for use

changes in the color and structure of the nail

Under what conditions should Exodermin be used?

  1. Changes in the color and structure of the nails.
  2. The appearance of redness and skin.
  3. The appearance of cracks and roughness of the skin.
  4. Thickening of the skin.
  5. Itching and discomfort.
  6. Pain while walking.

Contraindications for use

Do not apply the cream to pregnant and lactating women, children under 3 years, people with individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Avoid getting eye cream and on open sores. In case of contact, rinse with cold running water.

How fast are the results displayed?

On the first day: itching and peeling of the skin disappear, sweating and unpleasant odor are reduced.

On the 7th day: cracks in the folds of the legs begin to heal.

On the 14th day: the nails gain a healthy look, the nail plate becomes stronger.

The course of application in 1-3 months guarantees complete healing of damaged areas of the skin. You can buy in Croatia